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  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment

    How Do You Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Dentistry?

    Once an official medical diagnosis and Rx from your MD are obtained, our office will take digital scans or putty impressions of your teeth in order to fabricate and fit a custom oral device.   This oral device will passively act to prevent your jaw from moving backwards and collapsing your airway .

    Modification, or titration, of the device is the process of fine tuning the device settings for maximum clinical effect.

    Once a comfortable position is achieved, subjective daytime symptoms improve, and oximetry test show success, you will be referred back to your MD for any further testing and follow up.

    Our office provides a 3 year warranty period following treatment; This includes at no additional cost, unlimited visits for 90 days following initial delivery and follow-up/oximetry testing at 6 months, one year, and annually for 3 years.  The patient is only responsible for lost devices and non-warranty breakage lab fees.

    Please view the videos below for a good explanation.